Laura Edmunds is a Welsh artist born and currently based in Cardiff. Laura completed an MA in Fine Art from Curtin University, Western Australia in 2014.

Her work focuses on states of being, things without edges and a collective inner turmoil drawing from the human experience. Pivoting on points of ambiguity, ambivalence and time, Laura considers the drawn mark as a method of searching for meaning. There are two strands to her work; a preoccupation with time and melancholy, but also expanded approaches to contemporary drawing. Reflecting on the idea that we are impermanent, Laura captures the fragile and the temporal in relation to states of being; how one moment shifts to the next. Time is inherent through the work, however it is unconcerned with notions of a defined ‘future’ or ‘past’ but more so with a blurring of moments and the continual experience of time. the drawings are concerned with what cannot be seen or touched, visions of that which is indistinguishable.

Speaking of the work of Roger Cecil Laura says:

“Roger Cecil spent time with his works. The painted surfaces are imbued with layers added, removed and added once again. Moments and shifting movements shimmer under layers of matter (often paint, plaster, car door filler). This is what I took from Roger’s work – his preoccupation with works being built up over time. The magic of not letting a tone sit still on the surface, but teasing it to a soft pink, no, grey – now green. Observing and watching the light over spaces and objects shift and change. A quiet meditation on the space around him, the Welsh Valleys, the intersection where industrial action meets another force entirely: nature.

My work is preoccupied with the allusive and ambiguous. Pivoting on points of palimpsest, the surface of things and ghosts, drawing is used as a method of tracing the gestures of movement and corporeality. Concerned with opposites, my work is informed by conversations between the separate and the united, the outside and inside, the delicate and the bold, and furthermore, what happens when these opposites meet. Examining the body as a container, my work seeks to imagine spaces where you could spill out of yourself, capturing the fragility of the body through the drawn mark.”

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Saturday 17 March 2018 2pm

Gallery Talk

4 Contemporary Painters in Conversation

Helen Booth ● Laura Edmunds ● Catrin Llwyd Evans ●Sarah Poland.

Join the four painters from our exhibition Roger Cecil + 4 Contemporary Painters to hear about their work and their responses to the work of the late Roger Cecil.

Free entry, no need to book.

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Image: Laura Edmunds:  an exercise in making all the wrong marks #2 2017, Drafting Film, Soft Pastel and Oil Paint, 48 x 35 cm

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