Caitlin Jenkins is an eighth generation potter based at Ewenny Pottery in South Wales.

“My passion for pots began at an early age. My family have been making pots for over eight generations. I was taught to throw by my father and spent most of my childhood practising the craft in the pottery alongside him. I studied a BA (Hons) in Ceramics at Cardiff College of Art and an MA at the Royal College of Art. I continue to work at the family pottery in Ewenny.

Throwing is integral to my work.  I continue to be inspired by the sensuous quality of round forms.  Exploring glazes, the way they meld, the richness and depth of colour they create reminds me of the translucency of glass or the gossamer of a watercolour.  My pots are made to be used, leaving my hands and transferring a tangible pleasure to others.”

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