Gareth Griffith: Trailer

Trelar / Trailer is a series of exhibitions showing in venues across Wales by artist Gareth Griffith. The exhibition at Oriel Myrddin Gallery reflects on the artist’s early career showing formative works from the 1960s – 1980s.

In his eightieth year this influential artist presents constructions and paintings that explore the connections between place and time and question social issues. The places include Liverpool, where he studied in the 1960s; Jamaica, where he lived with his young family in the early 1970s; and Mynydd Llandegai above the Ogwen Valley where he has lived and worked for more than 40 years.

“I look for connections between the constructions I make, and paint them. There is a symbiosis between the two.” Gareth Griffith

The Table

Special gifts and desirable contemporary objects


This year, we have invited artists and makers from Wales and across the UK to produce work in response to our winter exhibition Y Bwrdd // The Table. Drawing influence from Dutch still life we have carefully curated a contemporary homage to the genre, transforming the gallery space into a visually rich and dramatic still life ‘scene’.

We will be featuring beautifully crafted and carefully selected ceramics, textiles, wood, metal and wicker as well as small food producers.

We will be featuring pieces for the table by ceramic artist Katrin Moye whose stunning contemporary blue and white hand-painted jugs reflect the historical patterns of Dutch Delftware pottery. We’re also delighted to welcome Ali Hewson whose hand-built ceramics are informed by 17th-century domestic objects. Also new to Oriel Myrddin Gallery is Norfolk based Paul Bommer whose hand-made tiles and playful designs echo historical Delftware.

Jugs, bowls and vases in bold contemporary colours and designs from Copenhagen based Raawii. Their Strøm collection brings a simple and refined edge to this year’s show.

Carmarthenshire based potter Tim Lake will be joining us at The Table with a select range of domestic stoneware thrown and turned on a slow turning kick wheel. We’re also delighted to welcome back Cardiff based studio potter Robyn Cove who will be showing a varied range of tea bowls and teapots.

We’ll also be offering beautifully packaged cut flower seeds from Somerset based Grace Alexander again this year – perfect as a special stocking filler.

We are pleased to welcome two new artists working in metals this year. Alice-Andrea Ewing is a sculptor working with the Italian Lost Wax method to cast fruit and vegetables in bronze. Her work is informed by her studies in Art History at Cambridge University and her interest in painting as well as sculptural practice. Rowan MacGregor is a Bristol based artist making delicate metal wreaths and sprigs inspired by a love of the British countryside and nature. Pembrokeshire blacksmith Mike Davies is with us again this year and has designed and crafted an exclusive collection of simple and elegant iron candlesticks especially for The Table.

We’re very excited to be showing work by Glasgow based maker Karen Suzuki including a specially commissioned centre-piece especially for The Table. Welcome back also to the highly sought after textile artist Megan Ivy Griffiths, we’re lucky to have a collection of her tiny, exquisitely embroidered dolls available to purchase again this year.

The Table will also feature exceptional work from Welsh based makers and craftsmen working in wood. North Wales based David White (The Whittlings) will be showing a range of his hand-carved tableware made from sustainably sourced Welsh-grown hardwoods. Carmarthenshire sculptor Simon Gaiger will be showing a stunning range of contemporary fruit bowls and spoons. Also Carmarthenshire based Sam Knight will be showing beautifully crafted seating made from locally sourced woods as well as domestic ware for the kitchen.

We’re delighted to be welcoming back food writer and cook Anja Dunk who will be treating us to a selection of bottled goods and prints as well as her books – Strudel, Noodles & Dumpling s and Do Preserve. Returning also will be Jade Mellor of WildPickings who will have her wonderful, locally foraged produce on offer. And delicious hot chocolate in four different flavours from Edinburgh based chocolatiers, Edward & Irwyn.

Vale of Glamorgan based basket maker Clare Revera will be joining us this year with a range of her beautifully crafted welsh ‘Cyntell’ baskets. Clare uses natural, sustainable materials found in the countryside, in particular hazel, willow and birch.

And to top it all off, we will have a beautiful range of Christmas decorations for you to adorn your tree with. Specially commissioned delft inspired decorations by Carlo Briscoe of Reptile Tiles, paper garlands by The Shop Floor Project and the always popular whimsical creatures of Felt So Good.

Jug: Katrin Moye

Land Acts

Stefhan Caddick, Rebecca Chesney, Morag Colquhoun, Ella Gibbs, Owen Griffiths

Land Acts presents the work of five artists exploring the power of land and contemporary, rural experience.

The featured artists work closely with individuals and communities through their artistic practices to consider the connection and potential between land use and local economies, class, climate change, education and food production.

This exhibition and programme of talks and activities reflects on some of these projects and opens new conversations about the role of the artist in helping us all to reflect on our relationship to land and how we can reimagine it for the future.

Land Acts is delivered in collaboration with Peak, an arts organisation based in the Black Mountains that works with professional artists and communities responding to the rural environment. 

Image: Rebecca Chesney

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Criw Celf 2019: Here, Now

Criw Celf at Oriel Myrddin Gallery creates opportunities for young people ranging in age from 9-14 years of age to work with professional artists and designers in a series of visual arts Masterclasses. The exhibition in the main gallery space is a curated sample of the young people’s work created throughout 2019.

Criw Celf is an Arts Council of Wales funded pan-Wales project for gifted and talented young artists.

Find out how to apply for Criw Celf


Forest + Found: Walking the Line

Studio practice Forest + Found presents a new exhibition of work by the collaborative artists Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth. Working alongside one another, Booth and Bainbridge tread the line between art and craft, crossing between contemporary art practices and the traditions of craftsmanship, as they navigate the changing context of the maker.

Driven by a deep relationship to the land, they produce sculptural and wall-based works that look at landscape as a site of exchange between material and the maker. Walking The Line is a reflection on form and composition in their work, and the meditative nature of their practice.

Booth’s abstract textile pieces are rooted in the conceptual language and materiality of painting, with each piece being a meditation on the language of the drawn line and the origin of pigment and colour. Evoking simplicity and minimalism in the quiet gesture and movement of the hand, her work seeks a connection to the monumental landscapes they originate from.

Bainbridge’s sculptural forms hewn from wood, reflect a need to create a tangible and grounded presence in space. Taking the natural shape and form of the wood as a starting point, he uses a combination of woodturning and hand carving to create objects that celebrate the making process; each piece displaying the physical effort that goes into its conception through the marks left on the surface.

Main image courtesy of Yeshen Venema

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