The Building Project

What is a shelter?  What is a town? How do we live in the buildings that surround us?

The Building Project, by creative practice Freshwest, is a collaboration with Oriel Myrddin Gallery that invites people to participate in the making of their own miniaturised settlement in which to experiment, play and debate.

At ‘work stations’ positioned in the gallery space at Oriel Myrddin Gallery, invited participants will use a simple fabrication process to make small plaster houses that will contribute to creating an intriguing model settlement which will develop and grow in-situ.

Over the course of the exhibition creatives and artists from diverse disciplines will then be invited to intervene in the settlement to re-interpret its material properties and its meaning.

Freshwest: “In the UK many of our built environments have become homogenised, and in-so-doing have lost touch with the presence of the individual personalities that reside within them. Much of our current urban and rural planning limits the scope for human activity to shape our public spaces. Instead, the built environment is mostly designed to dictate how we should live, work and play. Perhaps there is something we can all learn from the resourcefulness and creativity that can be found in the simple need for shelter.”


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