Response: creative writing time with Kate Pawsey

Join Kate Pawsey for a workshop using writing as an exploratory tool in response to our current exhibition in the gallery.

Kate will offer a way of deepening, widening and opening up your sensations in a wholly subjective way. She will encourage the use of creative, reflective and expressive words to slow down, to think, feel and sense the ways that these objects are prompting and stimulating us, the viewers.

Kate Pawsey is a writer and founder of Writing Time, a service enabling writers and would-be writers and providing them with the space to explore their writing within a structured and stimulating framework. She
has an MSc in creative writing for therapeutic purposes (CWTP) from the psychotherapy training organisation – Metanoia Institute.

£12.50 per person, including tea and biscuits, +16 booking essential – call the gallery 01267 222775

Payments are non-refundable

We apologise that the studio space on the first floor is not accessible to those with restricted mobility.

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