Clare Thornton: The Dandy & The Mute

Clare Thornton uses a range of processes in her work drawing on training in dance, scenography and literature as well as visual arts and craft disciplines.

In The Dandy & The Mute, her exhibition of new work at Oriel Myrddin Gallery the desire to reveal, test out and show off appear as central concerns, as are the accompanying (and seemingly opposite) inclinations to veil, conceal and contain. A restrained flourish, a guarded flamboyance – there are competing tendencies at play.

Through this new exhibition and earlier works the artist demonstrates an ongoing enjoyment and exploration of a variety of malleable materials. She shares the ways in which they can be worked and transformed to test her interests in concealment and display. She describes this process as ‘a seductive and productive space between two opposing forces’.

In this site specific installation for Oriel Myrddin Gallery the artist has carefully chosen shapes and shades observed within the building’s architecture and features to inform the design and tonal palette of the overall scene.


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