Atgofio Derw

Oriel Myrddin Gallery are planning a project to commemorate the people who have died of Covid 19 in Carmarthenshire in 2020. They plan to plant 85 oak trees and are looking for people to plant acorns this autumn.

Carmarthen has a long association with oak trees, and they have a vital role to play supporting other species. Trees also mitigate climate change, removing CO2 from the air, storing carbon, and releasing oxygen. The oak tree is a symbol of strength and morale, easily surpassing 300 years of age they are a powerful life-affirming symbol.

We are looking for: people to plant acorns during autumn 2020; people with outdoor space in and around Carmarthen to plant oak saplings in autumn 2021; and people who will join a group to look after the saplings once they have been planted out.

How to plant an acorn

If you would like to take part please contact our community art coordinator

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