André Stitt: in the WEST

André Stitt – Slipgrass 2012, trwy garedigrwydd artist

Beth yw canu? Cael o’r creu
Ei hen athrylith. 
Beth yw gweithio ond gwneud cân 
O’r coed a’r gwenith 

What is staying alive? To possess  
A great hall inside of a cell.
What is it to know? The same root
Underneath the branches.*

In his new series of paintings entitled In the West, André Stitt aspires to a condition of association and evocation in his work rather than representation and through that process sees his painting as existing in an in-between space which might be thought of as ‘ambiguous abstraction’. He looks at the landscape with a post-colonial eye and thinks about how the ‘embodied experience’ of that landscape might impact upon us now and into the future.

Stitt has accumulated source material for the show during a series of residencies, site visits, walks and journeys through coastal and rural locations from Aberteifi to Machynlleth in west Wales during 2011-2012.

A family connection with Maesglas Farm, near Aberporth has helped Belfast born Stitt, as an ‘intimate outsider’ to gain insight into the daily routine and passing seasons dominated by Welsh language and culture; the resilience of rural life, and the importance of community, culture, and the land.

Stitt’s move from performance art into painting in recent years has been a powerful process for the artist through which he sees the paint itself as both a transformative and redemptive medium which affirms each action in the painting process as a performance of consciousness.

* What is it to be human?  Waldo Williams. Trans. by Menna Elfyn

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