An off-site exhibition at Parc Howard Museum and Art Gallery, Felinfoel Road, Llanelli SA15 3LJ

A collaboration between Oriel Myrddin Gallery and Carmarthenshire Museums Service with thanks to Tim Bowen Antiques



14 – 28 April 2018

To run alongside our exhibition ‘Chair/Cadair’ in the main gallery we are exhibiting our visitor’s favourite chairs and the stories and memories they hold in the gallery foyer.

“My mum Valerie Wood aged 90 designed and stitched this chair during the 1980’s, celebrating all the things she loves. The back is dominated by the figure of my dad with whom she shared her life -they played renaissance music and he wore this costume when he led the 600year celebrations in Gloucester. Her children feature and our dog Lena and Lorna the pony who we learned to ride on. The houses we lived in, that she created with Dad, the neighbouring churches and all of it surrounded by the gardens she planted and loved, trees and flowers are everywhere.”



31 March – 14 April 2018

To run alongside our exhibition ‘Chair/Cadair’ in the main gallery we are exhibiting our visitor’s favourite chairs and the stories and memories they hold in the gallery foyer.

“This chair came from the family home in Poole, it belonged to my Auntie Barbara who was quite a character – a WW1 heroine with a wooden leg. It was then one of the chairs around my kitchen table in the various little cottages where we lived in west Wales from the 1970’s until now. There’s felt pen and paint on it from various art projects, renovations, children and grandchildren. The legs always got a bit loose, I used to put them upside down in the rain occaisionally and this one is held together with a pair of tights.” 

Samantha Laurens

Oriel Myrddin Gallery needs your chairs and the memories they hold!

Chairs can be beautiful, functional and are also objects that hold memories. The armchair where your grandpa sat by the fire, the rocking chair where you got your baby to sleep, the dining chair where you sat on your auntie’s lap to look at picture books.

To run alongside our exhibition Chair in the main gallery we will be exhibiting our visitor’s favourite chairs – from armchairs to deckchairs – and the stories and memories they hold. The chairs will be exhibited on a plinth in the gallery foyer alongside the story of why the chair is your favourite and the memories evoked. Each chair will be exhibited for 2 weeks. If you’d like to have your favourite chair included please email us with a picture of the chair and your story/memory –

We had a wonderful response to our storyboard competition Fishermen’s Tales // Straeon y Pysgotwyr which we ran to coincide with Carmarthen’s Welsh Week. As part of Welsh Week and Welsh Year of the Sea there is a coracle trail in Carmarthen with coracles in several locations throughout the town including Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen Library, Carmarthen Indoor Market, Celtic Hearing and Steamin’Mugs.

Our competition was open to all ages and abilities and we had over 30 entries which are now on display on our facebook page. We asked people for their Big Fish stories, imaginary adventures in coracles and the entries certainly showed lots and lots of imagination!

There were sea monsters from runners up Nora Whitehead and Kwaku from Richmond Park School. We had some lovely mermaid tales from runners up Hannah Marie John and Nia Palmer, Nia’s tale was very topical – a girl in a coracle cleaning plastic out of the ocean for the mermaid to swim in a clean sea. We had a beautiful simple story of a girl catching a fish for her Nana from runner up Beti Whitehead. And an amazing tale of dystopian time travel from a very talented older runner up Alexander Fox-Robinson.

Our winner Hannah Edwards told a very simple story in beautiful pictures with no words of a dolphin rescuing a girl who falls out of her coracle. Hannah will receive a £10 gift voucher and book kindly donated by the Carmarthen Coracle and Netsmen’s Association and an Oriel Myrddin Gallery goody bag.

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