We’ve carefully selected some special books for our Makers Market 2018 – here’s our top ten choice for the season.


1. The Wild Dyer: A guide to natural dyes & the art of patchwork & stitch

Abigail Booth

By teaching you the foundations of natural dyeing, and guiding you through the simple stitch techniques, this book will allow you to dip in and out of projects while learning how to forage for and grow your own dye plants.’ In The Wild Dyer, Abigail Booth demystifies the `magic’ of natural dyeing and shows how to use the results to stunning effect in 15 exquisite patchwork and stitch projects. Focusing on how to grow or gather your own dyeing materials – from onion and avocado skins to chamomile and comfrey, nettles and acorns – as well as scouring, mordanting (using fixative) and setting up a dye vat, Abigail explains how to create effective dyes. And once you have them, how you can produce beautiful, contemporary textiles that can then be used to create projects that build on your skills.


2. Something of his Art: walking to Lübeck with J. S. Bach

Horatio Clare

Something of his Art is Horatio Clare’s recreation of the long walk that J. S. Bach took in the depths of winter in 1705 – his long walk to Lübeck across northern Germany, and visualising the light, landscape and wildlife the young, and as yet unknown composer would have seen.


3. Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings: The New Taste of German Cooking

Anja Dunk

A celebration of modern German home cooking, Strudel, Noodles and Dumplings is a long-awaited revival of this underserved national cuisine, proving that there is more to German food than Bratwurst and Black Forest gateau.

Anja Dunk’s German food is gently spiced, smoky and deeply savoury. From recipes such as whole-wheat buttermilk waffles to caraway roast pork and red cabbage, quince and apple slaw, her way of cooking is vibrant, honest, quick and deeply intertwined with the seasons and the weather.

Beautifully photographed and featuring over 200 recipes for the everyday family table, as well as for snacks and special occasions, Anja’s cook book is an essential guide to all the basics of German cuisine, providing inspiration for appetising and comforting meals throughout the year.


4. Snow

Marcus Sedgewick

Marcus Sedgwick’s beautiful examination of snow, and our fascination with it is divided into six chapters, like the six sides of a snowflake, and features the photographs of Wilson Bentley, who first photographed snowflakes in the 1890s.


5. Willow: Traditional Craft for Modern Living

Jenny Crisp

Master basket maker and willow grower, Jenny Crisp, teaches some of the key weaving techniques to make 20 simple willow projects without the need of complicated tools. Jenny’s approach is innovative and moves forward beyond the old patterns and boundaries, to allow the reader to make work that is fresh and for contemporary use.


6. Black Apples of Gower

Ian Sinclair

Iain Sinclair returns to the landscape of his youth, the Gower Peninsula in South Wales, beginning a new journey into his past, inspired by the poetry of Vernon Watkins and Dylan Thomas and the art of Ceri Richards, which illustrates this book.


7. Melinau Gwlân / Woollen Mills of Wales

Branwen Davies

The story of today’s Welsh working woollen mills, with photographs. Although each mill has its own unique story, the common link betwen them is the craftsmanship, passion and perseverance of the workers to keep the industry alive. In this colourful volume, Branwen Davies’s text and the photography of Iestyn Hughes come together to create a fascinating story.

Hanes melinau gwlân Cymru sy’n gweithio heddiw, ynghyd â lluniau. Er bod gan bob melin ei hanes ei hun, yr hyn sy’n gyffredin rhyngddynt yw crefft, angerdd a dycnwch y bobl hynny sy’n dal ati i gadw’r diwydiant yn fyw. Yn y gyfrol liwgar hon daw geiriau Branwen Davies a ffotograffiaeth Iestyn Hughes ynghyd i adrodd hanes hynod y melinau gwlân eiconig hyn.


8. A Love Letter from a Stray Moon

Jay Griffiths

Frida Kahlo transformed the emotional and physical pain of her life into art. Her paintings make visible the invisible, interior experiences of many women. They speak of loss, loneliness, her struggle to have children, her lovers, a bus accident that shattered her body and spirit. But they are also full of passion and warmth, each canvas a defiant celebration.


9. Wales in 100 Objects

Andrew Green

Wales in 100 Objects brings history to life, evoking key moments in Wales’ past through physical artefacts. The objects, chosen by author Andrew Green with the help of librarians, museum and gallery curators, and other experts, range from the ancient to the very recent, including items such as an iron sword dating from 1st century AD Roman rule, the earliest known copy of “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau”, and Raspberry Pi, the revolutionary coding computer for children first produced in Wales. All are represented by Rolant Dafis’ stunning photography, and given context by Green’s brief but fact-packed essays.


10. Merchant & Mills Workbook: A Collection of Versatile Sewing Patterns for an Elegant All Season Wardrobe

Make six classic garments and create a stylish multi-layered wardrobe from scratch. Full-size patterns are provided for a neat vest with a boxer back detail, an elegant bias-cut long-sleeved dress, a simple long gathered skirt with a drawstring waist, a batwing wrap top, an oversized drop-shoulder jacket and a pair of classic wide leg trousers. By choosing seasonal cloth, the versatility of these projects can be enjoyed from the first hint of spring to the end of winter.








With backgrounds in sculpture and librarianship we established our workshop in 2014 and launched Bonner Leather Studio at the Contemporary Craft Festival in 2015, and currently work out of our studio just outside Cirencester.

“Whilst we acknowledge that leatherwork is one of the world’s oldest skills, it is not our intention to be traditional or even crafty in our own work.  We take inspiration from the archaic and now defunct forms of baggage or receptacle.  Something that may have held a tool or equipment that now, due to lack of requirement, need no longer exist.  This is no nostalgic or Luddite reaction, but our own need to remind ourselves of industry or jobs now obsolete.

It is important to us that we complete the entire making by hand, especially the stitching. Though it takes longer, it connects us with each piece we make.  Concentrating on simple form and design, and multi-material integration – combining leather, cork, wool felt, plywood and aluminium – we create contemporary pieces with a new function and utility.”

Image: Alun Callander

Emily Warren (The Stealthy Rabbit ) is an illustrator and maker based in England. Since completing an MA in Illustration at Central St. Martins in London, she has been making paper mache trophy heads, creating installations and illustrations. Emily now works on a wide variety of projects ranging from private commissions to exhibitions and large scale artwork for festivals.

Emily is greatly inspired by Folk and Outsider Art as well as her love of animals. Her Illustrations and 3D work convey an innate sense of silliness, subtly imbued with darker undertones. Excited by the possibilities of using commonly discarded materials such as packaging, newspapers and cardboard, she relishes the challenge of transforming these everyday materials into something magical, precious and lasting.

Emily lives with her partner, her boy and a demanding cat in a little village under the South Downs in East Sussex. When she can she retreats to her studio in the nearby town to work on her creations.


Sam Knight is a woodworker based in west Wales.  He creates unique items from locally sourced wood, working mainly with hand tools, some of which belonged to his great-grandfather who was also a woodworker. Sam has been honing his craft for over a decade and the pieces he creates are the product of many years of passion and dedication to the art of woodworking.

Sam’s workshop is located in the small village near Llandysul where he grew up; he lives nearby in Carmarthenshire with his young family and Arthur the Jack Russell Terrier.





Gillian McCormick is a Dorset based stained glass artist, specialising in painted fired and fused glass.

“I have a background in painting, having studied at Edinburgh College of Art and have transferred my practice to the medium of glass as I’m drawn to its mysterious, elemental nature and the transformative role that heat and light play.

Having spent some time living in Carmarthen, then the West coast of Scotland, I now live in Dorset, where I take my inspiration from the walks I take through the atmospheric woods and fields and other timeless landscapes.

I aim to capture a fleeting moment, trapped within the confines of the glass, which brings its’ own particular qualities to the image.”


Eleanor Pritchard is a London based weaver working from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Deptford. Her designs stem from a love of playing with colour and pattern as well as inspiration from the aesthetics and philosophy of British mid-century art and design. Eleanor’s interest in vernacular British textiles is particularly apparent in her work and is seen as a re-imagined interpretation for a contemporary audience.

All of Eleanor’s blankets are woven here in the UK with the woollen blankets in particular, being woven nearby at the National Wool Museum in Drefach Felindre, Llandysul. We’re delighted to be a stockist for these exceptional contemporary classics.


Images: Kangen Arora, Anna Huix, Elliott Denny

Fermented foods for a happy gut and a healthy mind. Hand-made, seasonal & full of goodness Parc y Dderwen produce raw, naturally fermented sauerkrauts in an array of flavours that are great as healthy snacks or tasty additions to zing up and diversify your plate.

Flavours available

Kimchi, Red Cabbage & Caraway, Turmeric, Beetroot & Ginger

Tin Glaze Ceramics

Influenced by folk art and story-telling, we have a range of vases and platters from Norfolk based Illustrator, ceramicist (and canary keeper) Polly Fern.

Inspired and informed by traditional ceramic shapes, but slab build to create a modern take on a traditional vessel. Each piece is handmade and bisque fired. They are then dipped in a Tin glaze with each one painted upon using oxides and pigments. These loose paintings upon the ceramics, make each piece an original work of art.

Each piece is illustrated with a drawing inspired by local places, historical and childhood stories.

In the Dark Room, Brian Dillon, Fitzcarraldo Editions (2018)


The New English Landscape, Jason Orton and Ken Warpole, Field Station/London (2013)


Reframing the New Topographics, Edited by Greg Foster-Rice and John Rohrbach, The Centre for American Places at Columbus College Chicago (2013)


Basic Forms of Industrial Buildings, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Thames & Hudson (2005)


Richard Wentworth: Making Do and Getting By, Richard Wentworth and Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig (2015)


The Everyday (Documents of Contemporary Art), edited by Stephen Johnstone, Whitechapel Gallery (2008)


Materiality (Documents of Contemporary Art), edited by Petra Lange-Berndt, Whitechapel Gallery (2015)


The Object(Documents of Contemporary Art), edited by Antony Hudek, Whitechapel Gallery (2014)


Edgellands, Michael Symons Roberts and Paul Farley, Vintage (2012)


The Painter of Modern Life, Charles- Pierre Baudelaire, Penguin Classics: UK ed. Edition (2010)


The Body (Key Concepts), Lisa Blackman, Berg 3PL: English Ed edition (2008)


Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art & Architecture, Tim Inglod, Routledge (2013)


Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience, Yi-Fu Tuan, University of Minnesota Press (2001)


Buildings without Architects: A Global Guide to Everyday Architecture, John May, edited by Anthony Reid, Rizzoli International Publications (2010)


Phenomenology of Perception, Maurice Merleau Ponty, Routledge (edition 2013)


Arte Povera (Themes and Movements), Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Phaidon Press Ltd (2005)


Folk Art Potters of Japan: Beyond an Anthropology of Aesthetics (Anthropology of Asia), Brian Moeran, Routledge (1997)


Learning  from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form, Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi and Steven Izenour, MIT Press (1977)


The Unsophisticated Arts, Barbara Jones, Little Toller Books; Reprint edition (2013)


The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture, edited by Hal Foster,  The New Press (2002); Towards a Critical Regionlism: Six Points for an Architecture of Resistance, Kenneth Frampton (1983)

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