Behind Open Doors by Freshwest

A week of collaborative video and sound installations at The Building Project, Oriel Myrddin Gallery.

For the finale of The Building Project Freshwest will be responding to their own installation with an exciting week of miniaturised sound and video installations.

From Friday 15 March The Building Project will become sonically alive as Freshwest install short films and soundscapes that will emanate from inside plaster houses dotted throughout the installation.

In an exciting twist Freshwest and Oriel Myrddin Gallery would like to invite members of the public to become part of this exhibition by giving you the opportunity to make and submit your own ‘short film’.


Interested? Then watch this short film for inspiration and read on below……


How it will work.

Freshwest will be installing mini screens in a number of plaster houses dotted across the installation. These plaster houses will showcase short films and soundscapes by Freshwest, students from Carmarthen School of Art and YOU the public.

Picture this!

When Visitors walk into Oriel Myrddin they will experience a cacophony of sounds emanating from within the plaster houses. As they walk around the installation they will peer into the doorways and windows to catch a glimpse of the mini worlds within. What scene would you create?

The brief

Create a film/scene no longer than 1 minute. It could be as simple as a film of you cooking a meal in your kitchen or your dog barking at the postman; as complicated as a mini thriller behind closed doors or as abstract as a memory of a room. 


  • You don’t need to be a film maker to get involved.
  • To make it simple, we are happy for you to shoot your film on your phone.
  • We encourage sound but it is not essential, no music please!
  • You should shoot your film in landscape format (with your phone on its side).
  • Please consider keeping your phone as still as possible and use a tripod if you have one.
  • You must have the consent of anyone who appears in your film.
  • You mustn’t include any images or sound that you don’t have permission to use.
  • Your film must be suitable for a family audience.
  • If you are not shooting on your phone please save file as MP4
  • You can loop your film up to 1 minute long, or we can loop it for you.
  • You can upload your film by clicking on this link here.
  • If you have any questions or need any technical assistance please contact
  • Freshwest and Oriel Myrddin Gallery reserve the right not to show unsuitable films.
  • Please don’t submit your film until you have read this agreement:  I agree that I have full permission to show the short film submitted to the ‘Behind Open Doors’ installation at Oriel Myrddin Gallery 15/03/19 – 23/03/19. I give assurance that the content contains no offensive material, that is suitable for a family audience and that no copyright is infringed through its screening in a public space.

Thank you and look forward to receiving your submissions.

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