Six Responses: David Jones

Six very different artists and creatives have been selected to spend one day each at Oriel Myrddin Gallery considering and responding to the ideas and aesthetics of our current exhibition The Building Project. Come along to the gallery to see what each artist is doing in-situ.

David Jones / Saturday 9 February 2019 10am – 4pm

David Jones is a partner in a small construction company based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. The building practice is largely involved with work on vernacular and historic buildings in the county with a focus on traditional materials and craft.

“Working professionally in the construction industry for over 20 years I’ve witnessed the ingenuity, beauty, toil, skill, vanity, waste, loss and folly of human effort in the pursuit of home building.

 My response to the building project has an ecological dimension and concerns the pressures exerted by the built environment on natural habitats.

The title ‘The Oaks’ adds context to the piece and reinforces these inherent environmental concerns. It also points to the sad irony that building developments are often named after the natural features they have replaced. Formally, my intervention does not create a space but stands in for one lost.”


Amanda Blake – Saturday 2 February

David Jones – Saturday 9 February

Millie Marotta  – Saturday 16 February

Tim Stokes – Saturday 23 February

Ivan Black – Wednesday 6 March

Niall Maxwell (Rural Office for Architecture)  – Monday 11 March


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