Makers Market 2018: Bonner Leather

With backgrounds in sculpture and librarianship we established our workshop in 2014 and launched Bonner Leather Studio at the Contemporary Craft Festival in 2015, and currently work out of our studio just outside Cirencester.

“Whilst we acknowledge that leatherwork is one of the world’s oldest skills, it is not our intention to be traditional or even crafty in our own work.  We take inspiration from the archaic and now defunct forms of baggage or receptacle.  Something that may have held a tool or equipment that now, due to lack of requirement, need no longer exist.  This is no nostalgic or Luddite reaction, but our own need to remind ourselves of industry or jobs now obsolete.

It is important to us that we complete the entire making by hand, especially the stitching. Though it takes longer, it connects us with each piece we make.  Concentrating on simple form and design, and multi-material integration – combining leather, cork, wool felt, plywood and aluminium – we create contemporary pieces with a new function and utility.”

Image: Alun Callander

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