My Favourite Chair: Jenny

6  – 13 June 2018

To run alongside our exhibition ‘Chair/Cadair’ in the main gallery we are exhibiting our visitor’s favourite chairs and the stories and memories they hold in the gallery foyer.

“Nobody wanted this chair, it remained broken and unloved in a friend’s attic for many years.  Dorothy was my boyfriend’s grandmother, who I lived with during the week, in hindsight a slightly unusual arrangement.  I was working on an embryonic Arts and Crafts archive and when Dorothy died, I inherited the chair. The chair remained in my attics for decades, as I moved around the UK, with never enough resources to have it mended.  Once settled in Pembrokeshire my friend – woodcarver Astrid de Groot – replaced a missing spindle and re-rushed the seat.  We left the new spindle unstained and identifiable – a nod to the chair’s past. It was made by William Morris and Co. It makes me feel very happy to see it restored. “

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