Roger Cecil + 4 Contemporary Painters

Helen Booth Laura Edmunds Catrin Llwyd Evans Sarah Poland

Roger Cecil + 4 Contemporary Painters is a collaborative exhibition between TEN., the estate of Roger Cecil and Oriel Myrddin Gallery, celebrating both contemporary painting in Wales and Cecil’s important contribution to the medium.

“The reputation of Cecil’s paintings is hard to ignore – especially for practicing painters. The seriousness, independence and diligence of Cecil practice is renowned and his sensitive treatment of paint admired.

Similar and overlapping qualities exist between the painters, which is dominated by the expressive use of paint as a material; from pure abstraction seen in Edmund’s work; to the tradition of plein air painting, common in Poland’s practice. Booth’s deep love for the Welsh landscape and the abstraction of the figurative prevalent in the work of Llwyd Evans can all find reference to Cecil’s output.

The viewer might connect a visual resemblance between the four painters and Cecil – whether thematically, through a similar palette or in the treatment of materials – but the comparison here is far greater than visual language alone. The impulse of a painter, the sensibilities and nuances between painters, the influences felt and distilled through looking, experiencing and knowing another artist’s practice is clear to perceive. That which is on offer to the audience, as it reads and responds to each of the artists on display, is the same – an emotional, intellectual and spiritual expression of human experience as translated through the eyes and hands of kindred spirits.”

Cat Gardiner, TEN. 2017



(Top) Roger Cecil:  Untitled 1997, Mixed Media on Paper,  47 x 43 cm

Catrin Llwyd Evans:  Concrete 2017, Oil on Canvas Paper, 11 x 13cm

Helen Booth:  Intangible Envy 2017, Oil on Canvas,  diptych of 2x 90 x 122cm

Sarah Poland: Neon and Rust 2015, Oil, Acrylic, Iron Filings, Salt and Graphite Dust on Canvas, 200 x 100cm

Laura Edmunds:  an exercise in making all the wrong marks #2 2017, Drafting Film, Soft Pastel and Oil Paint, 48 x 35 cm











An oral and visual retelling of the ‘Sea Empress’ oil spill that occurred off the coast of Pembrokeshire in 1996, entwining the mythical and deep origins of oil with the memories of the people of Pembrokeshire, their everyday existence and experience of land and place.

An Arts Council of Wales funded project




Few objects tell the history of modern design more eloquently than the chair. Aesthetic trends, the emergence of new materials and production technologies, ergonomics, social, cultural and behavioural changes are all reflected in its design over the decades.

A selection of chairs from the Design Museum’s collection reveal how chair design has developed from the late 1800’s to contemporary innovations by prominent designers.


Image: Marc Newson Felt Chair © the Design Museum

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