Forest + Found: Walking the Line

Studio practice Forest + Found presents a new exhibition of work by the collaborative artists Max Bainbridge and Abigail Booth. Working alongside one another, Booth and Bainbridge tread the line between art and craft, crossing between contemporary art practices and the traditions of craftsmanship, as they navigate the changing context of the maker.

Driven by a deep relationship to the land, they produce sculptural and wall-based works that look at landscape as a site of exchange between material and the maker. Walking The Line is a reflection on form and composition in their work, and the meditative nature of their practice.

Booth’s abstract textile pieces are rooted in the conceptual language and materiality of painting, with each piece being a meditation on the language of the drawn line and the origin of pigment and colour. Evoking simplicity and minimalism in the quiet gesture and movement of the hand, her work seeks a connection to the monumental landscapes they originate from.

Bainbridge’s sculptural forms hewn from wood, reflect a need to create a tangible and grounded presence in space. Taking the natural shape and form of the wood as a starting point, he uses a combination of woodturning and hand carving to create objects that celebrate the making process; each piece displaying the physical effort that goes into its conception through the marks left on the surface.

Main image courtesy of Yeshen Venema

Criw Celf 2019

Celebrating Young Artists

Criw Celf at Oriel Myrddin Gallery creates opportunities for young people ranging in age from 9-14 years of age to work with professional artists and designers in a series of visual arts Masterclasses. The exhibition in the main gallery space is a curated sample of the young people’s work created throughout 2019.

Criw Celf is an Arts Council of Wales funded pan-Wales project for gifted and talented young artists.


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