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Print International 2013 is the 6th edition of a selected exhibition of prints, on tour from Oriel Wrecsam.  The exhibition was selected by Professor David Ferry from Cardiff School of Art & Design.  It incorporates printmaking in its broadest sense, from etchings and lithographs to digital prints and photocopies.  Work included is by well-known printmakers based in Wales, as well as international artists working in Europe.

Selector Professor David Ferry comments…

I wanted to be able to show a cohesive volume of work that would provide inroads to artistic practice and ask ‘what is printmaking’?  I’ve been an advocate of printmaking for many years. I am heartened by the burgeoning interest in what might appear to some to be an outmoded form of visual expression.  We’re surrounded by digital information, e-books, e-mail, the internet, which from an industrial perspective has meant that printers are an increasingly unnecessary aspect of the information sharing process. But what this relatively new way of producing and sharing information allows us to see is the importance of paper, the “feel” of books, and the quality of some publications. Digital media should by rights have killed off the printed form all together, it’s easier, cheaper, quicker but in fact the reverse has happened. We are reassessing how we use print in all aspects of our lives. People are rediscovering analogue photography, realizing that the ease of digital photography means that we rarely look at the photographs unless we print them out.

We are seeing artists becoming more engaged with using the processes and techniques that involve some element of print “making”. There’s a new generation of artists using printmaking as a vehicle for personal expression and ideas sharing. In this the 6th edition of Print International we have work that references print processes but encapsulates printmaking in a wider context”

Most of the work in show will be for sale.  By purchasing artwork you are supporting an individual artist.  You are also helping Oriel Myrddin (and Oriel Wrecsam) become more sustainable.


Read our glossary of print making terminology here Print making glossary

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