Emma Tuck

Emma Tuck’s pen and ink drawings are the latest in the Back Wall series of work, featuring Welsh based artists in the Oriel Myrddin Gallery retail area. Emma takes as her inspiration the native plants found growing on the hills and uplands around her home on Mynydd Pencarreg, near Lampeter.

Trees, ferns, mosses, lichens, grasses and wildflowers all feature in her work – from humble dandelions and buttercups to the more striking bog asphodel and heath-spotted orchid. She says: ‘I am fascinated by the “little worlds” you can find at your feet but so easily go unnoticed.’

Each drawing in the series (executed with fine nib Rotring pens) is a life-size representation of an authentic plant community, such as hay meadows, acid grasslands, hedgerows and woodlands.

All the plant studies were drawn from life, so the finished pieces provide a snapshot of the wild flowers and grasses growing in these diverse habitats at particular times of year.

Emma’s drawing is influenced by the work of artists and printmakers such as Robin Tanner and Samuel Palmer, as well as botanical illustrators from ancient to modern.

Emma is from the West of England but has been living in Wales for the past nine years.

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