A Darker Thread: Ruth Harries

Wired and Weave

Mixed media processes and materials including metal wire, concrete, wood and textile


“The statuesque ‘Wired’ and ‘Weave’ embody a multilayered narrative, which incorporate personal memory and the physical practice of ‘making’.

The balance between the processes of transformation of materials, and ‘meaning’, inherently play with the abstract and emotional charge experienced by the viewer. Using a combination of mixed media and reclaimed objects, my work experiments with the balance between construction and destruction; reinventing and reassembling; stepping back in time, only to then move forward and respond intuitively with materials such as wire, nails, tacks, wood, cloth and thread. These are indeed man-made materials, which resonate and reference soft furnishing, carpentry, refurbishment and building work.

Part upholstered with binding and tacks, ambiguous textured knit and wrapped with wire, they reference the personal memory of a home built, of protection and presence within. Evoking a commanding presence, as if frozen in time, they are simultaneously strong, reverential, silent and solemnly dominant; echoing the architectural, memorials and monuments of the past.

Subtle tonal variations of black are used to focus the eye on the details within the works, rendering them timeless and universal in their solitude and sense of humility. I endeavour to evoke a sense of silence, presence and spirit inherent within; sculptures of dark, intense beauty.

‘Sense of Place’, upbringing, absence and of course mortality are integral to my concepts within this body of works.”


Ruth Harries was born and lives in Wales. She has exhibited both Nationally and Internationally including the International Contemporary Craft Biennale, China, the Pfaff Art Embroidery London, Paris, Netherlands & Sweden, Made London and has represented Wales in the Festival Interceltique de L’Orient.

Awards include the Best Textiles Award – Selvedge Magazine at ‘Made by Hand’, Uk; Antiques of the Future’ Award- Homes & Antiques Magazine; Welsh Artist of the Year (overall winner), &  Mixed Media Award; Craft and Design Award -National Eisteddfod of Wales, Ruth was also a shortlisted prize winner for the Texteil Festival Holland.

Commissions have included the British Council, the National Trust and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Ruth is a founding member of Fibre Art Wales (Exhibiting group) and a member of the Makers Guild in Wales.

Publications include: Contemporary Craft Magazine China (6 page feature) 2015; Culture Colony Quaterly Magazine (feature article) 2015; ‘text in textile art’ by Sara Impey , Batsford 2013; ‘Instinctive Quilt Art’ by Bethan Ash 2011; ’10’- Fibre Art Wales – 10Years  2009; Embroidery Magazine (feature article) 2006 & 2007 and Art Embroidery-Still Life, Pfaff 2006.

Exhibitions include: 2015 – Lle Celf – National Eisteddfod of Wales; 2015  –  Select – Stroud International Textiles Festival; ‘Transience’ – Fibre Art Wales – Craft in the Bay, Wales; 2014 –  International Contemporary Craft Biennale, Nantong, China; ‘Made’ – Showcase Yorkshire sculpture Park Gallery; ‘Fourteen’ – WW1 commemorative exhibition; 2013 –  MADE London – selected exhibition; 2010  – Texteil Festival Holland – ( shortlisted prize winner); Pfaff Art Embroidery Exhibition, Alexandra Palace, London, Paris; ‘Homelands’ FAW in Vermont, USA; 2008 – Pfaff Art Embroidery Exhibition, Alexandra Palace, London, France , Netherlands, Sweden; 2007 – Welsh Contemporaries in London; 2006 – Art Embroidery, Sweden, France; 2005 – Museum of Modern Art, Wales; Stuttgart, Welsh Artists Exhibition; Festival Interceltique de L’Orient, France  – solo show representing Wales; Pfaff Art Embroidery Exhibition, Alexandra Palace, London; 2005 – ‘Birthright’ Llantarnam Grange Art Centre.

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