A Darker Thread: Indre Eugenija Dunn

Ruptures, 2017

Stainless steel frame, machine embellishing and hand embroidery on linen

“I let go of the need to be intact. The stitching of me loosens. The expansion bursts into endless ruptures of membranes. And the mass of me pours out as layers of grasping and pulling. The tide is low. What shapes will haunt me now?”

In creating ‘Ruptures’ I have returned to the recurrent themes in my work of duality, place, language, and conflict. My practices consist of using basic stitches and marks to make a visual outcome. It is repetitiveness and rhythm I am interested in. And a place where inner and outer landscapes merge, where the mundane and extraordinary can be brought closer together.


Born in Lithuania, Indre Eugenija Dunn now lives and works in Wales. Indre gained her BA (Hons)in Contemporary Textile Practice at Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2011 and has since exhibited her work in south and west Wales.



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